Know When To Have Your Brakes Checked To Keep Yourself Driving Safely


Fluid leaks can be problematic for your vehicle. If one of the hydraulic hoses in your air conditioning starts to fail, you can leak coolant and reduce or eliminate cool air coming from your vents. If your brake fluid hoses fail, this can cause a significant safety issue that can cause your brakes to stop working suddenly. While most hydraulic hoses are going to last a few years, brake problems can be due to your brake lines no matter how old your hoses are. If your brake lines are clogged or damaged, this can lead to brake fluid not getting to your brake system, causing brake failure.

When Your Brake Pedal Goes Far to the Ground

While you may have to make a judgment call, you will be able to feel it when your brake pedal goes farther to the floor than normal. If your brake pedal feels different, goes farther than normal, or it takes longer for your brakes to work, you need to have your brakes inspected. A leak in your brake lines can lead to a lack of brake fluid. This will cause your brakes to fail, making it unsafe to drive your car.

If You Find a Fluid Leak

When a hydraulic hose in your vehicle becomes old and brittle, it can start to leak fluid. You might find brake fluid or coolant on your driveway, which means you have to get your car inspected to see what is going on. Your transmission can also leak fluid, or you could have oil leaking from your vehicle. Identify the color of the leak to see if you can figure out what the leak is to give your mechanic a better idea of what is happening.

When You Hear Grinding Noises

Your brakes can also start to fail as the brake pads wear down. While this is not caused by a hydraulic hose leak or an issue with your brake lines, grinding noises mean your brake pads are almost gone. You won't be able to stop your car without brake pads, and you will cause further damage to your rotors or drums if you keep driving it.

Hoses play a big role in keeping you comfortable and safe when you are driving your car. Hoses will last a long time, but they can wear out or get damaged and need to be replaced. Contact businesses like Williams Oil Filter Service Co. to learn more about hydraulic hoses and brake lines.


6 January 2020

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