Parts For Your Plow That Will Help You Remove Snow Like A Pro


If you moved to a mountainous region that tends to get pummeled by many snowstorms throughout the winter, deciding to open up a snow plowing business can be lucrative. After having your truck fitted with a Western snow plow, you may be anxious to begin serving clients who are snowed in. Don't risk doing a sloppy job or damaging an individual's property. Your snow plow will bear the brunt of the snow removal process, but some accessories can assist completing a snow removal job that each person will be pleased with.

Controls at Your Fingertips

Juggling your phone in one hand and the plow switch plate in your other can make it difficult for you to control your vehicle and the manner in which you drive forward and in reverse, while completing a snow removal job. First off, don't spend time speaking to anyone while you are working, unless absolutely necessary.

Keep your phone settings on vibrate and purchase a control mount that is designed to hold a toggle switch plate and a smartphone. This type of device can be installed next to your seat. Keep your eyes on the road and never need to worry about leaning over or shifting your weight in order to pick up or lower the plow blade. Because your phone will be within reach, you will be able to put your vehicle in park and check your phone messages during a break or in between snow plowing jobs.

Parts to Protect Property and Your Equipment

Western snow plow parts like a curb guard, a poly cutting edge, an adjustable shoe kit, and a grease cartridge can make a difference in how neat a driveway or parking lot looks, after you have finished plowing. A curb guard will allow you to plow close to a raised sidewalk or curb, without scraping the front of your plow. This will prevent gouge marks and the loosening of hardware or other accessories that are secured to your plow.

Use a poly cutting edge to protect cement, brickwork, or any other hardscaping material. A poly blade will adjust to various road coverings, including those that are bumpy or that contain loose gravel or rocks. An adjustable shoe can be secured to the underside of your plow. This item is designed to elevate your plow so that it glides over surfaces that don't have snow on them. It is also beneficial to use this accessory when you will be driving across an abrasive surface. Use plow grease to keep your plow's hardware lubricated and to prevent corrosion.


15 January 2020

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