Replacing The Diesel Engine In Your Truck


The diesel engine in your truck may need some work if you are working it hard, long before the truck it worn out or even considered old. Replacing the engine with one of many optional re-manufactured diesel engines could be the perfect solution if you are not ready to retire the truck or buy a new one.

Rebuilt or Re-manufactured Engines

Most diesel engines will run much longer than standard gasoline engines, and if you use your truck for work, the number of miles you put on the engine can be over a hundred-thousand in no time. If the truck has an engine failure, that is not something that is easy to fix or requires a new engine. You may want to consider rebuilt diesel engines as a solution or a re-manufactured diesel engine from the manufacturer. 

Rebuilt diesel engines are completely disassembled, all the worn parts and seals are replaced, then the engine is reassembled. The rebuilt engine is almost a good as a new engine and, in most cases, will run as long as a new engine if the work was completed correctly. 

Re-manufactured diesel engines are very similar, but the parts used, and the detail is taken to assemble the engine with all factory parts, and to the manufacturer's specifications, make the engine as close to new as possible. Re-manufactured diesel engines often carry a warranty that is almost as good as a new engine. Still, you may be required to have a professional mechanic install the engine to maintain that warranty.

Rebuilding Your Engine

The cost of rebuilt diesel engines can be a little lower than going with a re-manufactured unit. Many times, the shop rebuilding your engine can start with your block and cylinder heads to cut down significantly on parts costs. The shop will run some tests to check the integrity of the engine block and the heads, then let you know if they can rebuild the engine or if you will need to purchase one already rebuilt.

If the block and heads are good, the shop will clean everything, strip the old parts out and replace everything inside the engine with new parts. Once the engine is completely assembled, most shops will put the engine on a machine that allows them to test run the engine and ensure that is is going to perform correctly for you. After the test is complete, the shop can install your rebuilt diesel engine for you and make sure it is running correctly. 

If you're replacing your diesel engine, consider a manufactured diesel engine, or a rebuilt one. You'll be happy with the results!


24 August 2020

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