Finding The Parts And Accessories Your Need To Restore Your VW Thing


If you are one of the lucky few people to own a VW Thing and are trying to keep it up or restore it to its original condition, Volkswagen Thing parts are essential to you. The parts are still available in many places, and you can even find some VW Thing accessories if you look in the right places. 

Restoration and Replacement Parts

While the VW Thing was made from1968 until 1980, these unique cars were only imported to the US for two years. 1973-1974 were the only two years that the manufacturer sold these cars in the US.

Even if you have one made in the final year of productions, this older vehicle will likely need some work to keep it on the road. Some online shops sell restoration parts for these cars, and you might be surprised to find sheet metal parts, interior parts, and even engine parts still available for the vehicle. 

Third-party manufacturers make most of the parts available for these cars for the aftermarket, but some original Volkswagen Thing parts are still out there. These parts are typically new-old-stock that have sat unused in dealerships and parts vendors and are now in the hands of retailers that have searched them out to add to the inventory of parts they have on hand for these unique little cars. 

Buying Parts

It is vital that you know what you need and are getting when buying Volkswagen Thing parts because they are not something you can easily exchange if you have the wrong piece. The retailers selling parts for these cars may have pieces available from multiple sources and brands, so it is vital to do some research before buying the parts. 

Because the cost of restoration parts and new-old-stock pieces is high, getting the wrong part is a very real concern, and the exchange process can be challenging to navigate. Don't solely rely on the images on the shop website to be accurate because if they are not then the part you get may not look like the picture. As such, if you used the image to match up what you need, you could have the wrong part. 

If you are not sure which item you need and several are listed, it is essential to contact the vendor and talk to them about your parts needs. They should be able to help you select the right part for your car if it is still available. Contact a supplier for more information about VW Thing accessories


11 November 2020

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