Why You Need A Specific Battery Type For Your Boat


If you are going to buy new boat batteries, it is essential you purchase the right battery designed to withstand the marine environment. Some of the properties of marine batteries are different from car or truck batteries, so it is crucial to use the right battery for your boat, not one made for a car. 

Vibration Resistance

The battery in your car is designed to ride over smooth roads, but marine batteries are different in that the battery must endure the harsh environment of the water and the constant crash of the waves as the boat goes through the water. The internal parts of boat batteries are designed to withstand this continuous use, whereas a none marine battery would likely come apart or deteriorate inside over time. 

The case on boat batteries is different as well. It is made from heavy plastic, and there are additional supports molded into the design so that it is less likely to break or crack. If the battery case does happen to crack, the acid inside will leak out and could cause damage to things near the battery. In addition, it will no longer hold a charge.

Water Resistance

The boat batteries you get from your local marine battery supply are designed to be water-resistant, so if they get wet, they are unlikely to be damaged even in saltwater environments. A battery that is not intended for a marine environment can endure some water contact but will not stand up to it for long. 

When you are buying boat batteries, you need to make sure that the one you get is large enough to do the job but is appropriately sealed so that if it gets wet, it will still operate. A battery used inside the bilge well, for instance, needs to endure the wet environment while still running the pump when water enters the boat. 

Deep Cycle Use

Boats that have cabins with lights and appliances in them often depend on batteries to operate overnight or when the engine is not running. The deep cycle marine batteries are designed to hold a lot of electricity and discharge slowly, but then be recharged by the engine or a battery charger at the dock. As such, the batteries need to withstand a repeated charge/discharge cycle, and a standard automotive battery will not do that. The marine deep cycle batteries can be charged and discharged hundreds of times without losing efficiency or storage capacity. 

Eventually, these batteries will need to be replaced, but using the proper boat batteries to start and power your boat will mean better battery life and less battery maintenance over time. For more information, contact a company like Battery XChange.


5 February 2021

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