Muffler Issues? Problems You May Face By Postponing Exhaust System Repair


Too many vehicle owners continue to drive their car even when they are aware that a muffler or exhaust issue exists or is developing. They tell themselves that the car still runs, albeit a bit noisier, so the repair problem must not be an urgent one. In reality, muffler and exhaust issues are serious car repair problems that can lead to more serious problems, including damage to the health of the driver and any passengers that may be riding with them. 

Drivers who are currently postponing a needed muffler or exhaust system repair can use the following information to help them stop procrastinating and better understand why they should call a reputable exhaust system repair service as soon as possible. 

Physical health

Missing or damaged mufflers and exhaust system components can result in noises that can be loud enough to potentially damage the hearing of humans or pets in the area, but an even more serious health risk must also be considered. When exhaust systems are functioning properly, harmful gases created during the combustion process are captured, processed, and exhausted from the vehicle without entering the interior of the vehicle. 

When a muffler, catalytic converter, tailpipe, or other exhaust system component is missing or damaged, harmful gases, including carbon monoxide, can easily make their way into the passenger compartment. Because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, drivers and occupants can be exposed to harmful levels of this gas without realizing it. If not corrected, high levels of carbon monoxide in the interior of the car can cause drivers to become drowsy or lose consciousness and increase their risk of causing or being involved in a serious traffic crash.  

Economic health

In addition to potential risks to physical health, unrepaired exhaust issues can result in damage to the vehicle owner's economic health. Driving a vehicle with unrepaired exhaust issues can decrease engine performance and fuel mileage, resulting in the need to refuel more often.

Vehicle owners also face an increased risk of collateral damage to engine components in the form of wear when a vehicle is driven without the protection of a fully functional exhaust system. When a vehicle's exhaust system is not working correctly, the engine must work harder, creating more damaging heat and wear on the many moving parts required for an internal combustion engine. 

If you are driving your vehicle with a known exhaust problem or you suspect that a problem is developing, now is the perfect time to take your car to an exhaust system repair service in your area. 


8 July 2021

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